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WM x Seea Cool Wax

Optimal for water temperatures 69°F/21°C and Below
Crafted clean in collaboration with Seea using ingredients safe for mama ocean. All organic, all natural, high performance wax.
- Grippy + Long Lasting.
- Small batch, Hand poured.
- Made in USA.
- Non-Toxic + Biodegradable.
- Contains No Petrochemicals.
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Blended with intentions for connecting to the power of native plants.

This cold/cool water wax was made in collaboration with The Seea. We infused the bars with coastal SoCal native plant California Sagebrush, a powerful smudging herb with divine aromatics.

100% organic, all natural, high-performance wax crafted with clean ingredients safe for Mama Ocean.

About Seea 
Small batch, locally produced swim suits designed for female surfers, by female surfers.
"Our commitment to learning, growing, and challenging ourselves to do better ensures that we create each collection conscientiously, striving always to improve to align with our vision and values of environmental responsibility."