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Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Currently we ship to united states, canada, mexico, & united kingdom. If you want to request your country be added send an email to

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping rates vary by package size, the prices reflected at checkout are the best and most up to date available. We are working on bringing down international costs. Free shipping for domestic USA purchases of $75.00

When will my order ship?

Our fulfillment operates two days/week. Orders placed over the weekend will be shipped on Monday of the following week. Peak seasons & sale periods can cause delays in shipping, but our team works hard to get orders out as quickly as they can. If you have a specific request / need for arrival date please reach out to us

How can I track my order?

If you choose a shipping method with tracking you will receive the tracking number via email once your package is dispatched.

My tracking number says my order has been delivered but I am unable to locate it...

We’re sorry to hear this! Our shipping carriers work independently from Wave Maiden to deliver your shipment. If your shipment status reads “delivered” and it's only been a day, we recommend that you give it another day. A carrier may scan the package as delivered before it gets to you. It may be delivered 1 day after you receive the delivery notification. We also recommend your check places where your package may have been safely left for you, and ask your neighbors. If your package doesn’t show up after a day, we recommend that you file a claim with the shipping carrier. If you need help to complete this step, please contact us


Do you offer returns / exchanges?

All sales for surf wax are final. If you would like to exchange unworn/unwashed apparel for a different size contact us within 30 days of original purchase.

I was sent the wrong item / I believe my item is damaged

Oh no! Contact us so we can sort this out with you!

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes! However our inventory is limited and wholesale accounts must be pre-approved before purchasing.

to request to become a wholesale partner navigate to the footer of site, click on wholesale under "shop" section, and fill out requested information. we will review and get back to you asap.

Products + More

Where is the wax made?

It is made in the USA, hand poured in small batches!

What is it made of?

Our wax is a proprietary blend of all natural ethically sourced and organic waxes and oils.

What are the temperature ranges?

optimal for following water temps:
cold/cool: 68°F/20°C and Below
warm/tropical: 69°F/21°C and Below
base: use under temperature appropriate wax

Will botanical base actually leave flowers on my board?

Yes! However the look depends on how much wax you apply and how much petal material your specific bar contains. The amount of petals varies from bar to bar - this is the nature of
small batch hand poured product, every one is unique! Every bar does have the same amount of essential oil and it smells ahhhmazing.

Will you be offering more temperatures?

Yes! For now we offer combo cold/cool, warm/tropical, botanical base (limited release throughout year), & base. As we grow we will expand to a full line of offerings including base, cold, cool, warm, tropical, and more limited release special blends!

Why essential oil blends?

We’ve ditched synthetic fragrance, its generic and bad for your hormone balance. Our EO blends are value add. Each offers an opportunity to connect with the medicine of the Earth and stay inspired to choose products that keep our planet protected.
Our essential oils are ethically sourced (meaning they're the real deal, made with industry best practices, and we never use EO of an endangered plant).

Why am I supposed to smell my wax? And can I eat it?

Do not consume the wax our apply it anywhere other than your board! Safe for boards, not for mouths, eyes, etc.

Yes, please smell it! Engaging your breath with essential oils naturally extracted from flowers,
leaves, fruit, bark, and roots has been shown in studies to have true healing benefits for both physical and emotional concerns. Some of the many benefits of aromatherapy include —

You’re selling goods but what about fast fashion? I’ve heard thats a big problem for the environment...

We’re offering quality shirts and towels that will last to help reduce overconsumption. Our shirts are produced in a WRAP certified / Fair Trade with these bonuses:

Energy: Sewing/cutting facilities are run on solar power
Reduced waste: GARMENT FACTORY recycles everything possible – fabric, plastic, bottles, paper...
Eco-friendly printing: All screen printing is done with non-toxic water-based ink

The print shop we contract with features water-based, non-toxic printing. Then we ship it using the very best practices we know. See below.

How do you package for shipping?

We love this EARTH oh so much and know you feel the same. That’s why we’ve taken a solutions oriented approach to the little things that get over-looked but can make a big impact.
We use packaging from No Issue that’s plant-based and fully compostable — at home or commercially. We use as little packing material as needed for protection of goods but skip all of the waste that goes along with fancy unboxing. Sorry not sorry.

Avoiding plastic all together and using biodegradable and compostable materials is MUCH more expensive, but we’re

Do you have a team or ambassadors ?

Yes! If youre are interested fill out an application here and we will get back to you!

What are your philanthropic practices?

We’re proud members of 1% for the Planet! 1% for the Planet was founded to prevent greenwashing, certify reputable giving, and provide accountability. As we grow we pledge to donate a portion of our profits to rotating non-profits committed to environmentally and socially conscious efforts for the health of our Oceans, Planet, and People. If you are apart of an organization that wants to partner up
please EMAIL

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