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Our Why

We've Got a problem

Ninety five percent of all commercial surf waxes list paraffin, a byproduct of petroleum, as the first ingredient. Think of the black sludge oozing out of the back of petroleum pipes...yep, that’s the stuff.

To be used in wax, the process involves bleaching the sludge and then adding chemicals to solidify it. The bleaching process emits high levels of dioxins into the environment.
These dioxins have been known to cause cancer and reproductive problems to those who are exposed.

Water Pollution

After bleaching, paraffin is solidified by adding more chemicals, and somehow it all comes out smelling like coconuts. From more synthetic stuff? U betcha.
Pollution + chemical run-off are eroding the health of reefs around the world. Human impact, including wax washing off your board, has accelerated coral death.
So, your wax leaches a laundry list of nasty into the ocean + you absorb it through your skin.
Not. Cool.

Waste No Waves...

Is a nod to both the performance of our products and our desire to create a movement to shift the masses away from wax that pollutes the Ocean. Let’s stop trashing what we love and do better together.