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I’m a Southern California born and bred water baby through and through. My journey to launching Wave Maiden started with my own personal need for greater health and wellness. After finding that western medicine was failing me, I embarked on a path towards plants, spending years studying herbalism, plant spirit medicine, meditation, and regenerative practices. Through practice and experience, I brought myself into alignment by improving my rituals to incorporate more of nature into my day to day life.

When COVID hit, I was running my own botanical beer company Wave Maiden Ale Works in Los Angeles. As the weeks of trying to save my small biz went on I turned to my higher power, Mama Ocean. A few weeks into the pandemic I was waxing my board and somehow for the first time wondered what the wax was really made from. I went down the research rabbit hole that night and was not just horrified but completely outraged discovering the truth about most big brand waxes.

My heart hurt thinking about how our oceans are already threatened by a laundry list of industrial practices and single use plastic contamination, and unknowingly millions of surfers are sloughing off petroleum derived waste into the water. I immediately began making variations of organic and botanical waxes in my kitchen for myself, but knew deep down I was feeling called to do something more about this on a large scale.

I’ve formulated this wax offering using unique essential oil blends with specific intentions for your physical, spiritual, and mental health to thrive. I’ve seen it first hand so many times now — when we connect with our breath and the spirits of plants we awaken the inherent part of us that knows we are one with nature, and thus wants to care for and protect it.

My vision is to continue to add product offerings that support your well-being and your active life, while continuously re-directing profits to organizations that are doing the damn work for our planet’s health and longevity. Let’s keep doing what we love, but clean it up. Let’s waste no waves.

- Margaux
Founder, Wave Maiden