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New Bloom Candle

Jasmine, Neroli, Rose
smells like: thriving garden, blossoming hope, wildflowers after a good rain
Light for harmonizing + high vibes.

Create that a lil’ bit cozy, a lil’ bit spicy sitting by the campfire vibe with a crackling wooden wick candle inspired by our surf wax.

- Hand-Poured
- Made in USA
- 6 oz of super clean burn
- Scented with Essential Oils
- Cruelty, Phthalate, Petroleum, + Synthetic Fragrance Free

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Our wood wick, CLEAN BURN, non-toxic candles are hand-poured in USA. We craft them with only the realest - ethically sourced essential oils and FSC certified sustainable untreated wood wicks.

Blended with intentions for blessing your body and home with divine femininity, This Wave Maiden original “NEW BLOOM” candle is infused with Jasmine, neroli, and rose.

Awaken your energy with this sweet and sexy flower bomb. Jasmine’s peaceful petals invite in euphoric feelings, Neroli’s blooms bring harmony, and high-vibe Rose rounds out this blend leaving you feeling oh so very loved.

Tip: At any time in your candle's life if it does not want to light trim the wick 1/8" with sharp scissors.