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Botanical Base Wax

For use under temperature appropriate wax

all Organic, All Natural, High Performance wax.
Crafted with clean ingredients safe for mama ocean.
- Grippy + Long Lasting
- Small batch, Hand poured
- Made in USA
- Non-Toxic + Biodegradable
- Contains No Petrochemicals

Waste No Waves.

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Blended with intentions for blessing your body and board with divine femininity.

This BASE wax is infused with our original “New Bloom” essential oil blend of jasmine, neroli, and rose.

Awaken your energy with this sweet and sexy flower bomb. Jasmine’s peaceful petals invite in euphoric feelings, Neroli’s blooms bring harmony, and high-vibe Rose rounds out this blend leaving you feeling oh so very loved.

Every bar contains delicate dried flower petals of rose, calendula, and blue corn flowers, that will adorn your board with earth magic.

For use under temperature appropriate wax.

Botanical Base Waxing Directions:

1. Remove all wax from your board using a wax comb

2. Find a place out of the sun

3. Break your wax in half

4. Smell your wax. Take deep breaths.

5. Using the rough edge apply a coat of base wax to the top of your deck parallel to the stringer. Then apply a coat criss cross from rail to rail. Apply firm pressure, but don't press too hard.

6. Apply temperature appropriate wax on top of base coat in circular motions until beads form.

7. Enjoy! Be kind! Leave behind nothing but footprints!